Organized stay in Finnish Lapland

Trust Amarok Séjour Laponie to prepare you for a dream stay in Swedish Lapland! We take care of your transportation from Sundsvall station in Sweden to your accommodation, and your sports activities with our sled dogs. try the adventure, and discover Lapland in winter for family holidays, in regions still preserved, we promise you an unforgettable stay for 4 people maximum!

On the practical side, reaching us is easy. Fly to Stocholm Arlanda airport, then take the train from Arlanda C(Central) station which is in the airport to Sundsvall station, where we welcome you. Train departures to Sundsvall are regular. Allow 1h30 between your arrival at the airport and the departure of the train to be able to collect your luggage. During your trip, we stay in touch.

Your winter stay

From January 7 to March 18, 2023, we invite you to learn how to drive a team with our siberian huskies and spin on tracks between forests and frozen lakes. You will have the pleasure of alternating between half a day of snowmobiling and a snowshoe outing in the footsteps of moose and reindeer. Everything is planned to make your stay pleasant and live a unique moment. You will find the comfort of the gîte and the pleasure of tasting local dishes with full board.

Price of your stay 2022/2023 25% VAT included: (Stay for children from 8 years old) (Price excluding transport to Sundsvall station).

  • 1650 euros including tax per adult
  • 1250 euros including VAT per child from 12 years old
  • Consult us for the child rate between 8 and 11 years old

The program of the week

  • Saturday: Arrival at Sundsvall station Journey to the lodge. Installation and presentation of the pack (55 huskies).
  • Sunday: Introduction to driving a 4-dog team.
  • Monday: Snowmobile ride.
  • Monday: Snowmobile ride.
  • Wednesday: Snowshoeing in the footsteps of moose and reindeer.
  • Thursday: Driving 6 dogs over one day.
  • Friday: Refreshing bath and sauna.
  • Saturday: Return to Sundsvall station.

The program of the week

If our huskies will be at the heart of your stay, the additional activities are an opportunity to discover Lapland in a different way.

“Sled dogs”

Become a musher by teaming up with our Siberian huskies. Stable on the skates, you will gradually learn to drive a team of 4 to 6 dogs. You will be impressed by the desire, dedication and kindness of our sled dogs.



In winter, the snowmobile is an essential means of transport in the countries of the far north. Suitable for everyone, we offer you a tailor-made ride on a circuit allowing you to quietly learn how to drive this caterpillar machine.


“Snowshoe walk”

Snowshoeing is a leisure activity inspired by an ancestral mode of travel in the Nordic countries. We offer you a snowshoe ride through the taiga and frozen lakes on the trail of elk and reindeer, the emblematic fauna of Lapland.


“Refreshing bath and sauna”

Fill up on energy, brighten your mood and relax! From Scandinavian culture, this tradition is invigorating. Try the experience of immersing yourself in the icy water of a frozen lake for a few seconds before heading to your sauna.


Your “musher” stay

From January 14 to 21 and from January 21 to 28, 2023.

We offer, for experienced athletes, a 3-day raid in sled dogs, on a course of about 80 km, in a nature reserve, in the heart of Sweden.
You will team up with your team of Siberian huskies to share an arctic route (-15 to -30°C) that connects the base camp to two refuges. The logistics part (food, bedding, heating, etc.) will be provided in parallel by our team. The care of the dogs will be your priority at every step.
Price: 1850 euros including tax per person. (price excluding transport to Sundsvall station).

Week schedule

Saturday: Arrival at Sundsvall station. Journey to the lodge. Installation and presentation of the pack.

Sunday: Raid preparation and introduction to driving a 4-dog team.

Monday: Departure raid, day 1, hitch 6 dogs, 30 kms, arrival first refuge

Tuesday: Day 2, 20 kms, arrival second refuge

Wednesday:Day 3, 30 kms, return to base

Thursday: Fitness with refreshing bath and sauna

Friday:Say goodbye to your team and return to Sundsvall station