Husky sled dogs

Our sled dogs in Lapland

Do you dream of an exceptional trip, magical landscapes and breathtaking adventures? . We offer you a complete stay in Lapland, alongside our sled dogs who will be happy to accompany you throughout your stay, discovering magnificent natural spaces.

Do you like large expanses of snow as far as the eye can see? Do you want to take advantage of your stay in Sweden to make original excursions in the heart of nature? Amarok Stay is made for you!

All the stays that we offer are structured around our pack of dogs. We assure you that it will leave you with unforgettable memories through the many adventures you will share, in winter as in summer. Thanks to our sled dogs, you will discover amazing activities: team driving, cani-rando and cani-kart.

Let yourself be convinced by our sled dogs and dive directly into postcard landscapes, in the heart of Lapland as you imagine it, with its snowy forests. Watch our video and discover the great nature that awaits you.


Our sled dogs welcome you

Our sled dogs, all Siberian huskies, live in packs in their playground in Swedish Lapland. Huskies are great athletes who feel the constant need to exert themselves. Daily and sporting walks are therefore necessary to ensure the development of the whole pack.

If you stay with us, you will quickly notice the enthusiasm that characterizes our sled dogs. Energetic and always up for an adventure in the great outdoors, the husky is the ideal companion for a beautiful hike in the expanses of Lappish forests.

Raised in large spaces

This is an essential condition for maintaining the balance between these cousins ​​of the wolf. Indeed, the balance of individuals is essential within a pack where the hierarchy is always respected.

Large spaces are therefore reserved for our sled dogs, so that they can live together while having quieter moments when they wish. This emblematic breed is appreciated for the sweetness of its character, its intelligence and itsfaculties of communication.

Each dog is unique. As a result, his position in the team depends on his mental and physical abilities, as well as his affinities with the other members of the pack. It is by knowing each character, and by observing the behavior of each of our sled dogs during the activity or on a ride, that we are able to define their place within the team.

Like athletes, in a progressive, adapted way, and respecting everyone’s dispositions, our faithful companions are able to cover many kilometres. Do not hesitate any longer and team up with them.

The origin of our sled dogs

Our sled dogs come from the Amarok breeding. With worldwide recognition, the breeding of Maïe Paranthoën enjoys an exceptional infrastructure of several hectares of playground. A perfect setting for the development of a pack of dogs.

From breeding choices to our training program, through regular walks and moments of play, our dogs enjoy an optimal quality of life.

Today, our pack is made up of 55 personalities who will be happy to accompany you on all your outdoor adventures. Excursions and hikes: think of sled dogs in Lapland!

We managed to go all the way with our ideas and our dreams to provide our pack with ideal conditions for beautiful walks through the taiga and frozen lakes.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Born in 2010. Rather reserved, he is serious and regular during exercise. He is partnered with Falow in Team Dog.


Born in 2009. He is a sensitive dog who has good physical skills, he is part of a very good line of work.


Born in 2013 Adorable, it is cut like a shrimp, it works wonders in Cani-rando.


Born in 2010. He’s our little tramp, he’s partnered with Farow in Team Dog.


Born in 2011. Of a strong character, he agrees to evolve alongside Gunstik in Team Dog.


Born in 2013 Characteristic, it has a potential that will have to be discovered. He evolves into Swing Dog next to John.

Jet ski

Born in 2014 He is a hyper-sensitive dog, who finds a lot of serenity in the hitch. He can evolve into Swing Dog next to Iankee.


Born in 2012. Small physique, with a good “will to go”. He would run with Pita who is retiring, he will continue alongside Falco in Team Dog.


Born in 2012. He is a very affectionate dog. Particularity: he clowns around with Guldar before the start. Powerful, it is positioned in Wheel-dog.


Born in 2009. Wild for a long time, this year, it is showing strong signs of rapprochement, it should finally be able to join these friends in the hitch.


Born in 2011. The father of the last, very nice, strong, he is positioned with Galak in Wheel-dog.


Born in 2007. Retired grandma, with her small character, she loves the Cani-rando.


Born in 2016. Mom of the last. Very intelligent, with experience she should be able to position herself as a leader.


Born in 2011. The mascot, nicknamed the disconnector, impatient, powerful, he evolves with his friend Goran in Wheel-Dog.


Born in 2012. The Prince of Bel Air, you have to ask him things gently, he needs time. He runs in Team Dog.


Born 2009. The pack diplomat. he can’t stand being separated from Evan. First dog since the beginning of the adventure, he is a Leader.


Born in 2011. Boiling hot, he shoots for 3, very efficient with adapted training, positioned in Team Dog.


Born in 2011. Very athletic, super nice, he’s Irco’s buddy, they clown at the start, Wheel Dog.


Born in 2011. It gives way, it is the first to relaunch the coupling when you stop. He’s everyone’s buddy, Team Dog.


Born in 2012. He is a serious pooch, who adores his girlfriend Fadjis, he can be positioned in Swing Dog just behind the leaders. leaders.


Born in 2010. She is a very physical and valiant female, she does not like to be separated from Usca, Swing Dog.


Born in 2013 He is the son of Eloo and the father of Neva, the youngest. From a very good line of work, he is a strong dog, he runs in Team Dog next to Glazik.


Born in 2009. The dog that is worth a million, exceptional, there is no better, it is the darling, Leader.


Born in 2011. Super nice, a good “will to go” he runs with Fayak in Swing Dog or team dog.


Born in 2013 Mr bad luck, the king of entanglements, super nice, Team Dog with Jetski.


Born in 2007. Grandma is retiring, very cuddly, she will still participate in beautiful cani-rando.


Born in 2017. Intelligent, sociable, courageous, a good reminder. We hope he will be a leader one day.


Born in 2017. Super friendly, a bit independent. He will be associated with his brother Notka.


Born in 2017. The strong, fiery, full of energy. We are waiting for Neva to be hitched to create the tandem.