Cani-kart duo

Outdoor activities in Swedish Lapland

Amarok Séjour Laponie offers outdoor activities in Swedish Lapland.We offer you the opportunity to discover our sled dogs in Lapland and the activities that can be done with them: learning to drive a team, cani-rando, or cani-kart. We take care of your stay and accommodation so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Our sports activities with sled dogs

There are many outdoor sports activities in Swedish Lapland. You will become a musher for an unforgettable stay! A very nice program combining dog sledding, large frozen lakes, passing through the boreal forest, very close to the Arctic Circle. You will also discover the cani kart, cani rando or cani racket, according to your desires. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

Introduction to hitch driving 1/2 day

Introduction to team driving: this unforgettable program invites you to drive a team of 4 to 6 sled dogs in Lapland, a unique landscape. Like a musher (sled driver), experience the sensations of sliding and driving with your companions. Even if the practice of regular physical activity is required for this activity, we adapt to everyone.


Introduction to hitch driving full day

Go on an adventure with our sled dogs in Lapland. Become one with your team and the environment. The show is guaranteed, you will be amazed by the “will to go” of our huskies and the beauty of the landscapes. This day gives the possibility of surprise encounters with the surrounding fauna. Sometimes technical, a good physical condition is required for this activity.


The cani hike

Even if we think more often of winter for activities with sled dogs in Lapland, it is possible to takebeautiful walks with huskies in the summer. The cani-rando consists of hiking using the traction of your dog, while guiding it by voice. You will be fitted with a shoulder harness and a cushioned lanyard which is attached to the husky’s harness.

The cani-kart

This activity allows us to reproduce in summer what we do in winter with large teams. The cani-kart is suitable equipment that allows you to evolve with safety and comfort. So there is no age limit. It can accommodate 4 people. Take the start with family or friends, aboard a 4-seater kart, towed by a team of 14 huskies.